Hostgator Review

Most of us have heard of webhosting, and even those who don’t really understand the term would likely guess it’s important. What webhosting refers to is a service that gives your website a place to live and go live on the internet. Your hosting provider supplies the technology to host your site live and online. Your webhoster provides the servers that brings your website to its users. In simple terms, webhosters deliver your website’s pages and offers storage for pertinent data that connects your site with search engines. From small businesses to large-scale enterprises and blogs, anyone wanting to launch a site of any kind will need to find a reliable webhoster. While there are a number of hosting services to choose from, not all are created equal. This Hostgator review will reveal why Hostgator is a reliable choice worthy of investing in.


Webhosting Plans

Different websites have different needs, and Hostagor can meet all of those needs with their wide variety of service plans: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller.

Shared Webhosting

Shared webhosting is when your server is the same as multiple other sites. This is the most affordable webhosting option as you are sharing the server and its cost with other website owners.

The downside to shared webhosting is that you can experience technical issues such as your site slowing down due to too many users. A good provider however, like Hostgator, will monitor the shared webhosting servers to ensure that each and every website is managed and monitored.

VPS Webhosting

VPS webhosting refers to a customized hosting option with a minimum of expense. With full-root access, you can have complete control over your hosting surroundings. Custom installs and configurations result in a virtual private server hosting experience. Your virtual server is autonomous and is completely dedicated to your site. With multiple network layers and multiple bandwidth providers, your site will enjoy ultimate reliability.

Dedicated Webhosting

Dedicated webhosting provides site owners with a managed dedicated hosting platform with valuable resources at your fingertips. Featuring HDD and SSD hard-drive options, website owners can ultimately customize the look and feel of their site. With the data centre featuring DDOS protection and a secure firewall, your site’s server enjoys ultimate security and performance.

Dedicated webhosting comes with the ultimate in customer service that is available 27/7/365 days a year. No matter where you are when your site experiences issues, with dedicated webhosting, you have the peace of mind of knowing your site is protected.

Reseller Webhosting

Reseller is one of the most popular webhosting options. It involves a hosting provider renting hard-drive space and bandwidth to a smaller business, and that second business rents the space to other third parties, such as smaller businesses or entrepreneurs.

Reseller webhosting allows a person to provide hosting to their clients as if they themselves are the webhosting company. This is popular amongst entrepreneurs who aspire to establish their own webhosting firm or for web developers wanting to build their brand.

Webhosting Service Costs

There are multiple plans that can be customized to suit your website’s needs, just as there are multiple rates that can satisfy a number of budgets. From Hostgator’s Hatchling, Baby, and Business plan, the monthly rates start from $2.75 to $3.95 to $5.95, and cloud hosting services range from $4.95 to $9.95.

Hostgator Webhosting Plan Features

All Hostgator webhosting plans features free migration, unmetered bandwidth, 24/7/365 customer service and support, cPanel control panel, one-click installs, around-the-clock server monitoring and maintenance, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited FTP users and unlimited MySQL databases.


• Guaranteed uptime and customer service
• Free site transfer
• One-click installs
• Unlimited disk space
• Unmetered bandwidth
• Unlimited databases


• Not an extensive feature list for shared hosting plans
• Domains are pricey

When it comes time to decide on your hosting provider, it’s a good idea to do a little due diligence beforehand to ensure your hosting provider can meet all of your website’s needs. From reliability to speed and customer support around the clock, Hostgator is regarded as one of the premium webhosting services providers. With a 5/5 rating, Hostgator has earned its reputation as the best and more reliable webhosting company of 2019.